Tactical Fitness is geared towards those individuals who are seeking a career in the military and public safety. It’s a comprehensive strength and conditioning program that is essential to the physical development, readiness, resiliency and overall strength of the future tactical athlete.

In addition to being physically ready for the demands and rigors of your chosen profession, you will also be given the tools it takes to remain mentally fit for the demands that will be placed upon you. The core components of what it truly means to be a “team player” and how you are capable of a lot more than you think. There’s and old saying, “If you don’t mind, it don’t matter.”

The program will cover:

  • Functional fitness (Calisthenic development, WOD's and smoke sessions, etc.)
  • Rucking (Gear layout and proper technique, etc.)
  • Team building (log PT, sand bag and buddy carries, etc.)
  • Leadership (what is your “why”)
  • 10+ hours extended training day integrating all your training together.

Classes are forming now and contact Vince Celes for more information at celesvr@yahoo.com