Debbie M. Livermore CA. 4/3/2014

I joined CF580 in January 2014, so I'm 3 months in as I write this.  I love it there-- love the workouts, the people, and most importantly the RESULTS.  I am not new to strength training but had never gone after the barbells before (I'm a petite 40 year old female and just didn't know where to start).  The coaches are very patient, knowledgable, safety-minded, and encouraging.  They will help you get it right and find a training zone that is right for your body and goals.  The other members have all been friendly and everyone cheers everyone on-- from the strongest dude to the fitness newbie.   And yes, the membership is very diverse in terms of fitness goals, body types, age, etc. (and at least 50% female).

The schedule and price are better than most other CF boxes in the region.  Lots of class times are offered, tiered rates, and even the priciest option is much less than anything in Pleasanton.  They also offer Oly lifting, Running, and BootCamp classes.  I haven't tried them out yet.

The equipment seems good (I'm not an expert)-- They sometimes run out of lighter weights during large classes but people share and make it work.  Everything is clean-- even the floor (no small feat with folks running in and out all the time).  

My favorite thing about CF580-- they are organized.  The schedule, coaches, workouts, events-- all posted online and kept up to date.  I am looking forward to setting new goals and reaching them at CF580!

Deirdre P. Livermore, CA 1/20/14

Words can not do justice to how amazing crossfit580 is. The coaches are awesome! I do mean AWESOME! Think motivating, inspiring, concerned, knowledgeable and just good people too boot. I've learned so much from each coach. Then theres the community of people who come and work out with you. Never have I actually wanted to become friends with people who I work out with (at a typical gym). But that's just it: this isn't a typical gym. It's a community where you really feel vested in not just becoming a healthier you but in helping others be their best too.
I was super intimidated to walk in, heck, just to call and ask for info! Something about crossfit seems like it's just for those super fit health nut kind of people. But it's really for anybody who wants to be devoted to being a healthier self. This is your spot if that's you. If I can do it, everybody can. Come and check it out, you will be hooked!


Keith S. Cupertino, CA 1/12/14

I was a member of this box for nearly two years but unfortunately had to move recently. In looking around at new boxes and have discovered that no matter what I choose, it will be a step down from Crossfit 580 by a longshot. I expected the atmosphere elsewhere to be even further intensified and the social aspect even greater, but what I'm finding is that nothing at all compares to my former box in Livermore. I've come to realize in my trial classes down here that the workout areas are smaller, the coaches (in general) are less energetic and engaging, and most of all the camaraderie is nothing like at 580. During my two years I took for granted how I could walk in for a WOD at any time of day and see a familiar face, both coaches and other classmates, that would ask how I'm doing, help me identify issues with my form, and push me harder than I ever thought possible during the workout. The level of community and support that has been created is really extraordinary, it's a shame it took me moving away to fully understand it.

In other words, JOIN THIS BOX. You won't regret it. The owners and coaches are incredible people and the other students are some of the nicest people I've ever met. I'll miss them all in my future workouts...


Dave L. Livermore, CA 12/9/13

This is not a review of CrossFit as an exercise option, just CrossFit 580's way of offering access to it. If you are considering starting CrossFit, I will briefly share that thus far, the only drawback for my wife and I has been having to replace or have significant alterations done to our wardrobes and dealing with compliments on our personal appearance we are unaccustomed to dealing with. We have not changed our diets (we have always eaten fairly healthy, but we still eat bread, chocolate, and have some drinks) or lifestyle (we always worked out, my wife ran 6-10 miles 6 days a week for 10+ years), but our bodies have completely changed as our fitness levels, functional strength, and confidence have improved. We are middle of the pack on our good days so no super powers here. We work as hard as we can for the relatively short time and we've gotten results we've never had before (as of this writing, 3 months for me, 6 months for her).

I have to believe the way CrossFit 580 delivers the Crossfit lifestyle to the Livermore and surrounding areas (new friends we have met here come in from Tracy, Dublin, Mountain House, Pleasanton, and San Ramon) is a big part of what helps to make a diverse group of people successful. When I rate any business, there are some things that apply universally.

Facilities and Equipment- the equipment is in great shape, there is a lot of it so you aren't always substituting or settling for lesser options like many gyms, and they have some pretty amazing customized specialty equipment and always seem to be adding more. They just expanded the inside space to be about 1/3 larger as well. 5 stars.

Cleanliness- I've been to more than my fair share of gyms in my life, worked in some early in my career, and I have a particular eye for cleanliness. Not shiny, not "smells good", but is it actually clean or is it gross? For me there is no in between. The blood, sweat, and occasional tears that are a part of Crossfit seem to present a daunting task to maintain a clean environment. I have not come across an issue with this here. 5 stars.

Aesthetic/Design- If you are doing research in general, you have noted there is a culture to crossfit. High energy, industrial, intense all fit the bill. At 580 it's real. Music blares only during workouts (when you need it most). Intense reds, stark whites, and clean blacks, easy to navigate, very few distractions. Not much else, which is nice. 5 stars.

Location- It is a bit of a cross-town drive for us but its not an issue at all. When we first started attending, it was hit or miss for a bit to remember where to turn off 1st St and making a left hand turn out of the parking lot is a bit tough. That said, it is located very close to the 580/1st St exit, near the Lab, and the cross town drive is sometimes only 6-7 minutes when the lights are timed right, 12 minutes max. Probably super convenient for many who attend. The parking lot has a ton of parking,and the other businesses in the business park area are low traffic. 4 stars only based on our address.

Class/Open times- I may never have been in the market to even consider crossfit if any other gyms, yoga studios, or other options had been convenient options on a daily basis. The variety, regularity, and actual times scheduled can literally work for any schedule. The ability to be able to attend any of the classes and get the same high quality experience just works. Early, late, weekends, weekdays. This may be the most heavily weighted value for me. 5 stars+.

Supervision/Instruction- I have only been to one class (out of just under 60 I've attended) where there was a disengaged coach (important texts throughout the workout, coach is no longer there). Otherwise, I am actively being watched, assessed, and personally coached at 580. Coaches who know their stuff, who can motivate, and are relateable combine with ownership that is present (not just physically, but paying attention, stepping in, augmenting where needed), deeply experienced, and who have had the time to develop an understanding that workouts like these are not one size fits all. Pride in ownership and accountability go a long way in small business. These are all real, smart people who are a large part of a sense of community that is unique. 5 stars+.

Community- This was probably lowest on my list of things to consider when making the decision to start coming to CrossFit but may be the best by product of us joining. It turned out we knew some members already (who we had seen have tremendous results just by running into them at pre-school and around town). Since joining, from the top down, everyone has been extremely welcoming and we've met so many genuinely amazing people and gotten to know others better. Our son even likes to come just to hang out in hopes that other kids will be doing the same. People know your name, ask how you are, share fun stories, and congratulate you/encourage you and we end up doing the same. 5 unexpected.

Jennifer C. Livermore, CA 9/5/13

I have been to many gyms across the country in the last few months, and CrossFit 580 is among the best I've ever been to. I tried out every other gym in Livermore as well, and find this one to be head and shoulders above the rest. It is really important to me to have well-structured classes and personal coach-athlete interaction, because if everyone is doing their own thing at their own pace, it's no different than a globo-gym. The coaches here are all about engagement, they know their athletes well but are still vigilant about correcting and improving movement every day. The classes are small enough that they are manageable and each athlete gets personal attention - this is probably why they have so many classes every day. The classes are also really well-structured and efficient, so we can pack in sufficient mobility, get into specifics with learning a strength-based movement, and then have enough gas left in the tank for a balls-to-the-wall WOD. Having proper mobility work is really important to me because I see a lot of gyms whose athletes all have the same injuries, and I used to fall into that category as well. I can tell Joy and her team really care about what they're doing and who they're doing it with, and if I could keep living in Livermore and commute to the south bay, this would be my permanent box. As it is, it's a pleasure to be able to visit on occasion.

Allen L. Pleasanton, CA 7/18/2013

I joined CrossFit 580 about three months ago. As an out-of-shape, middle aged guy, it was a bit intimidating walking in the door the first time. I'm glad we did because it has been a great experience.

Joy took my wife and I through the on ramp process which shows you how to do the exercises safely and really gave me confidence that I could do the workouts. For every difficult exercise, she had modifications that would make it so someone of any fitness level could do the exercise.

My chosen time to go was 6 AM class. Pete coaches that class. First thing you notice is it was a great group of people. Everyone pushing hard. Everyone encouraging the each other. Pete keeps a careful eye both for people doing the exercises safely and makes sure no slacking off. Every time I finished a workout, I really felt like I did something great for my body. Wasn't long before I started seeing results.

I'd recommend this type of workout to anybody. Working out with a group and a coach is a much more interesting and fun experience that solemnly working out alone at the bigger gyms in the area. You will push harder and see better results in the group workout than most people will see working out on their own. I would particularly recommend this gym because you will like the staff and coaches, you will like the simple yet effective facility, and you will like the variety great people you will end up working out with.


Kari Z. Livermore, CA 7/3/2013
I joined Crossfit 9 months ago, right after the birth of our son. I have so much fun working out with the members and the coaches are so nice and helpful. I have lost 30 pounds so far! I have never felt so comfortable in my own skin. I am 33, and I think (and so does my husband) that I look better now than I did in my 20s! There is such a wonderful and motivating energy when you are at Crossfit 580. We push eachother in a healthy way, and really have fun while seeing great results. My story is very similar to many others I work out with- we work hard, help and support one another which in turn makes working out even more fun. In addition, the coaches are right there to guide us so we do it right! I love it and it has changed my life! Thanks guys!!


Ramsay A. Livermore, CA 5/9/2013

My wife and I joined about one month ago and have since become addicted to say the least. Not addicted because we're workout freaks, but because the structure CrossFit 580 has provided has led to fast results in an organized and fun setting.

To add to the great structure, the group here is AWESOME. They're the other main reason we love this place. The motivation within the group and from the coaches is pleasantly surprising and really completes this fitness experience for us. I've been to other CrossFits in the area and various group type workouts and nothing compares to this group and the coaches here.

Some people hate on CrossFit, I may have been skeptical prior to joining as well. Don't hate unless you've tried it, I promise it will prove you wrong. Especially if you join this group. Unless you like the gym to talk and get a less than mediocre workout, then you definitely won't like CrossFit. This is a damn good workout and you feel great after each one. You feel accomplished and proud. Can you say that after every normal gym workout? I doubt it.

No matter what level of fitness you're at, beginner or advanced, you'll get the balanced workout you want and it becomes a personal goal within yourself to workout harder and improve on your various training.

To sum it up for you, our biggest problem now is that we like it so much we go 6 days a week probably not giving ourselves enough rest! We look forward to each workout posted online the night before and can't get ourselves to take more days off. You will too.

Sign up for CrossFit 580 in Livermore, you won't regret it.


Genevieve M. Livermore, CA 3/30/13


For the past couple of years, I have looked in the mirror wondering, “What happened to the 100lb person that I used to know?”

You would not guess, even now, that I was that skinny, even into my early 20’s. ‘Skinny fat’, I referred to myself as, because while I did not weigh much, I also had no muscle and ZERO athletic ability. Over the next 8 or so years, my weight gradually increased, and at my highest I was 160lb. I emphasize the word gradual, because let’s face it, 8-10 pounds a year is not gradual and not healthy. But I continued to file it away in my head as an irrelevant concern. Over this time period, I would find myself sporadically attending 24 Hour Fitness and yoga sessions; when achieving minimal gratification and results, I would find an excuse to not go back.

2 years ago my now sister-in-law, Janelle, began her journey into the paleo lifestyle and subsequently found CrossFit. Always the healthy living advocate, she would insist that this was different, and that I needed to try it out. “Sure, sure…” I would respond and then disregard until the next time that I saw her. It took seeing pictures of me wake-boarding after the summer of 2011 to realize that I needed to address my health. Not only was Janelle looking the best that she ever had, but I was also about at the heaviest that I had ever been. My boyfriend and I began by eliminating unhealthy items such as soda, and limiting our caloric intake, but this found me still eating fast food and processed foods on a daily basis. The weight was dropping minimally, but not at a level that I was satisfied with.

In March 2012, I finally said enough is enough. I am tired of living life this way, and my recent engagement helped strengthen my resolve to get healthy. So I began reading. Wheat Belly, Robb Wolf’s The Paleo Solution, Mark Sisson’s Primal Blueprint are a few that made huge impacts in my lifestyle change. April 1st, my fiancé and I started Robb Wolf’s Paleo 30 day Transformation and I was hooked. By the end of the 30 days we both had lost noticeable weight, and felt great! For the 1st time that I could recall, I woke up without stomach pain or a headache. What next, I thought? Well, Janelle was right about Paleo, so let’s try out CrossFit. We left messages with the two CrossFit affiliates in our area, and lucky for us, the right one got back almost immediately.

ENTER CrossFit 580.

To say that I was intimated is grossly understated. I had done some research on CrossFit, and I was terrified. I am not an athlete. I could not run a mile without stopping; complete a push-up or a pull-up for that matter! If not for Joy’s encouraging character, I am not sure that I would have had the guts to continue. With such functional movements, I quickly learned that it is so simple to scale anything at the box. Instead of dreading working out, I could not wait for work to be over so that I could go! In such a short period of time, there were so many things that I can do that I never thought I could. The best part is that every day I get better and better. In the first 5 months attending 3x per week, I went from 160lb to 145lb and 34% to 29% body fat. I slowed down momentarily to enjoy the newlywed bliss and the holidays, but since January I have increased my workouts to 5x per week. Within the 1st month of CrossFit 580’s ‘Look Better Naked’ challenge, I checked in at 131lb, 24%bf, and down THREE jean sizes! My original goal was to be ‘high school skinny’ again, but now it is so much more. CrossFit has made me want to be strong no matter the number on that scale. I still have a way to my goals, but I now know that my new lifestyle (and pintresting motivational quotes) will get me there.

I am so grateful to Mark and Joy and what they have built at CrossFit 580. Each coach at CrossFit 580 is amazing, both motivating and instructional. They personify the spirit that is CrossFit and have truly created an environment that will be your ‘home away from home’ J


Matthew T. Livermore CA. 10/1/12

I've been traveling a lot for work and haven't been able to work out with my tribe for a while. So I was excited on my last business trip up in the Livermore area because my schedule allowed me to actually workout. I did some research and came across CrossFit 580. Just from the website I saw that they had a great approach to their workouts and fitness in general and from my first session was impressed with how structured their warm ups and workouts were. This Box is great! There was lots of room to spread out during workouts so nobody was tripping over each other, all their equipment is in great condition and there is a good amount of everything to go around, it's very clean and a big positive for me was they have a great amount of air flow so it wasn't stuffy or too hot while working out. But the best part of every Box I feel is the people. The folks at CrossFit 580 are no exception. Everyone was friendly and made it a great place to work out. The coaches I was able to work out with were great. They were helpful, provided great feedback on form, focused on teaching the right way to do things, and were great motivators. I had a very positive experience working out at CrossFit 580 and can't say enough good things about it. I will be coming back here whenever I'm in the area. If you're in the Livermore area and need to get your WOD in, check them out.


Kimberly S. Livermore, CA 9/3/2012

My name is Kimberly and I'm 17.

During my sophomore and junior year I began to lose the small amount of healthy habits that I had. My swim team had been disbanded so I completely stopped exercising, and I began to eat anything I wanted without thinking of how healthy it actually was. I had a problem of eating when I wasn't hungry, and like most teenage girls I had a nasty habit of eating my feelings. I had just started driving so it was cool and extremely easy to go to fast food places whenever I felt like it. Unfortunately, that turned out to be numerous times a week. Within a year I gained 40 pounds. I went from 130 to 170 in what seemed to be a blink of an eye. Like most women I've always had issues with my physical appearance, but it went from sighing about it to crying about it. A day didn't go by without me feeling disgusting in my own skin. I tried the whole gym thing, but there was something about tread mills and spin classes that weren't really doing it for me. Eventually, my mom brought up CrossFit and CrossFit 580. At first, I was very against it, but I decided to go ahead and try it out. I would go every once and a while and most of the time I wouldn't go because it was a lot easier to make excuses as to why I "couldn't" go. I did that for about 7 months until one day the box came up with a "Look Better Naked" challenge. Being as competitive as I am I had to do it. In 8 weeks I lost 10 pounds and 12 inches off my body. I didn't win the actual challenge but I still had a victory. By then I was addicted. I wanted to keep the train rolling. I decided I would do whatever I could to shed those 30 extra pounds. They always say that abs aren't made in the gym, they're made in the kitchen. I hated that. Who wants to change their diet? My mom would always tell me to eat healthier, and I would always get mad and think that I wasn't eating THAT badly. I mean bowls of whole grain oatmeal for breakfast, a sandwich for lunch, and a bowl of whole grain pasta for dinner sounds healthy, right? Wrong. I read about the Paleo eating style and thought I would give it a try (my mom had already been eating that way and she's in great shape!). I went through all the cabinets and refrigerator and got rid of anything that wasn't Paleo (grains, dairy, processed foods). I lasted a couple of weeks and eventually fell off the wagon and binged on all things sugary. A little while later I tried again and the same thing happened. I decided quitting cold turkey wasn't going to happen. I started to slowly stop eating the non-Paleo things. Eventually I lost all my cravings for breads and fast food. I also felt like I had more energy, and the best part of it all was how fast I was losing weight. I would weigh myself and set little goals. For example, when I weighed 160 I would step on the scale and think "my goal is 159.9" and once I got to 159 I would think "okay, now 158.9". I know they aren't big jumps, but it kept me from becoming disappointed or discouraged. I've lost 27 pounds (in 6 months) so far and have 13 pounds to go until I'm back to my original weight. Even though the numbers aren't as low I know I look thinner than I did when I weighed 130. I went from wearing a size 13 dress to a size 7, and I went down a bra size. I also used to have a pair of jeans that I couldn't pull up past mid thigh no matter how I tried and now they're loose on me! It really is a great feeling. I definitely love my body now and I have a lot of people to thank for it. Like my mom, because she made me start CrossFit haha. Losing weight has definitely boosted my self esteem tremendously. If I had one thing to tell people that want to lose weight: you can't just wish away those extra pounds while sitting on the couch (believe me, I tried). Get up, get active, and just do it. It'll be a lot of hard work but the results will be well worth the struggle!


Zara H. Livermore, CA 8/31/2012

From the very first time I walked in the door at CF580, I felt like I was welcomed into a new family! The coaches are all really nice and very knowledgeable. The free introductory workout and intro classes were so much fun that I did not hesitate to sign up for a month-to-month plan. I had little to no experience with many of the movements that were taught to me (I don't think I had ever used a barbell before in my life), but everything was broken down in a simple and easy-to-understand manner with safety being the highest priority. After LOVING this place for 9 months, I signed up my husband and 3 of my sons (my youngest isn't old enough yet), and they are all loving it, too! If you are tired of the same old, boring workout, or if you are sick of dealing with overcrowded yet lonely gyms, then this place is for you. Every movement is tailored to your individual abilities. Got an injury? No problem, they can show you how to work around that. Another thing I love is that this workout format makes it easy to see measurable progress...and it happens fast! I've increased my best on all of the Olympic and Power lifts by a lot in the past months. Lastly, group classes are big enough to where you have friends to help cheer you on, but small enough to where you get a lot of individual attention from the coaches. It feels like I get a personal training session every time I go.


Tyler A. Livermore, CA 8/27/12

I've had experience at CF580 in the early days as a trainee, and later on as a coach. I've been involved with the gym pretty much since its opening, so I have seen it grow and transition through many phases. First and foremost, the facility is top notch. It makes it hard for me to train anywhere else now. I didn't realize how much of a difference the equipment made until I trained at CF580, and then tried other places. Unfortunately I now have a very expensive garage gym, all thanks to CF580 exposing me to real equipment. Now onto the gym atmosphere/community.... I have been to a few other crossfit gyms over the years and have seen some of the changes in the social and community aspect of crossfit. Many of these changes have resulted in myself not having as much respect for crossfit anymore. I can say though, that these changes (that I consider negative) are not present at Crossfit580. Although classes can be semi competitive (which is a good thing), everyone is friendly and there is a strong family atmosphere. At the end of the day, as long as you better yourself then you did a job well done. Everyone is level headed and a joy to be around. The owners/coaching staff are great. These values would obviously not be present if it wasn't for them. They care about their trainees improving their fitness, staying safe, and remaining humble. They did not start it as an easy way to start a small business and make money, or because it is a fad. They really have a passion for fitness, plain and simple. Great gym, great staff, and without a doubt I would not be where I am today if it was not for them.


Diana Lyn Livermore, CA 8/23/12

I got into CrossFit when my fiancé asked if I wanted to try it out. I agreed. We went to the intro class and I was extremely intimidated by the people working out in the session before ours, but I didn't let that get to me. Joy coached our intro class and she was great! She gave us a taste of what a regular WOD is like and even showed us modified movements if we weren't up to a certain level, yet.

We continued with on-ramp, which was great. 6 sessions of learning the fundamentals. Granted they don't get to cover everything in CF, but definitely the things we end up doing most often.

Once I started going to the regular sessions, everyone was at a different fitness level, but the coaches are so great at helping to modify movements, correct form, teach, etc. I love that. It's almost as if I have a personal trainer without having to pay the price! WODs are usually structured like: warm-up, stretching, skills/lifting, metabolic conditioning workout.

Everyone at the box is so welcoming, nice, and encouraging. I love the atmosphere and all of the coaches are great! Nobody has an ego and walks around like they are better than the rest. You're there for you and not to compete against anyone else but yourself.

I've had experiences with all of the instructors and they are all great. Even if it's a class of upwards of 20 people, they still take the time to give everyone individual attention.

There is so much I can do now that I wasn't able to do 3 months ago and I can see and feel the difference! I've adopted a mostly-Paleo diet and really love the way I feel.

Even though I recently moved to Pleasanton, I still make the drive into Livermore because I can't imagine not seeing my coaches and fellow CrossFitters everyday! Not only is everyone great, but the workouts are truly addicting. I get sad when I miss a day or more! Really...


James G. Rhode Island, 5/8/12

I can't say enough about CrossFit 580!!! I'm in the Army and have been doing CrossFit for the past 2 years. I travel from time to time so I whenever I'm in a new city I look for a local CF Affilliate to train at. This trip I happen to be at Camp Parks for a few weeks. I found Crossfit 580 and stopped by to see if they would allow me to train with them while I was in town. I was greeted by Coach Joy and told I could come in any time to get a WOD in. This was also the time the CrossFit Sectionals were going on, a competition which I was taking part of. Coach Marit and Coach Catherine, on their own time, made themselves available to judge the sectionals workouts for me. The community at CrossFit 580 is great, staff and members alike invited me in and treated me as one of their own. I made several friendships that will last a lifetime. Thank you Mark and everyone at CrossFit 580!!!


Amy Y. Livermore, CA 1/11/2012

CrossFit 580 rocks! I've put off writing this review for a couple of months, because I've felt I couldn't adequately express how amazing they are. I've finally realized that the only way to experience it, it is to be in the gym feeling the love. Go by and check it out today!

I thought I was nothing like the kickass ladies who do CrossFit. I had never lifted weights, never seriously worked out, and had only been to an occasional Zumba and yoga class. My fiancé drug me to the on ramp classes (where they teach you how to do the exercises correctly), and I was determined to not like it. It wasn't my thing. I prefer to humiliate myself in the comfort of my living room and I certainly couldn't do a pull-up or 50 squats. After 1 class with Joy, I found out I could do those things plus more, and they were fun and empowering! Did I fall when attempting to jump on a 20" box and make a fool of myself? Yes, but no one cared because they'd all been there before. Plus, It made the 40 box jumps I did yesterday even sweeter! Join CrossFit 580 and you'll be sore, you'll be bruised, but you'll be stronger inside and out. You'll also meet some inspiring people and great friends!


Stefan S. Livermore, CA 1/3/12

If you are reading this, it means that you are already considering going to Crossfit 580. My recommendation is to go there and check it out. From the organization and cleanliness of their location, to the environment of courtesy and safety that the knowledgeable trainers foster, this is the perfect place to Crossfit in the East Bay Areas of Livermore, Pleasanton, Dublin and Tracy. No corners are cut when it comes to guidance and coaching and no member's safety goes overlooked. Their website is top notch, constantly updated, and full of valuable resources. Joy, Mark and Amy are just a few of the awesome trainers that don't mind spending extra time with you as you build a solid foundation of techniques for the more complex movements. You don't have to be in great shape to start there, since all workouts are to scale. There are no excuses not to go. No matter what people write here, nothing is better than going and trying it for your self. Before starting at Crossfit 580 I tried another CrossFit gym that got me into shape, but I did not get the results that I was looking for or the personal attention that you get here. Class workouts, changing from day to day, mean that I never would get stuck doing the same things that I knew I was good at, since those probably aren't the areas you should focus on. Training with other people gives you motivation to cheer on and get cheered on in return. It also makes you do all 50 sit-ups, even if you are dead tired after 40. Because everybody else are doing 50, had I been at the gym I might have stopped earlier since nobody is checking. Since I started a little more than 2 months ago, and working out three times a week I haven't done any workout more than twice. It keeps me interested, something I never felt going to a regular gym.I fell in love with CF580 from day one and if you're willing to take on a new challenge, you will too


Glen N. Livermore, CA 12/7/11

I think I've tried just about everything in Livermore to get this 32 year old body in good shape. CrossFit 580 is exactly what I need in order to get the results I always wanted. It's not a gym full of muscle heads, it's full of friendly people who are all looking to work hard and go home with a sense of accomplishment. Every trainer is more than happy to show you the proper technique during every workout. This place isn't about how much weight you can lift or how fast you can run, it's about doing the routine properly to obtain maximum results. There's a bunch of terminology that seems a bit overwhelming at first but after a month you start to get a feel for how things work.


Chip H. Livermore, CA 12/5/11

Crossfit 580 did a very good job introducing me to the world of crossfit. Having never done these types of workouts before, the on-ramp class was a huge help. They scheduled my class times when I could show up and worked around when I was available. The instructors are all very knowledgable and give individual attention to each attendee.

Their facility is top notch with every piece of gear needed to improve. The workouts are scaled to fit any persons ability level as well. In the month I have been able to attend I have seen huge gains in strength as well as endurance, and cannot go back to normal weight training. If not for having to move I wouldn't go anywhere else for my fitness needs.


Jacqueline L. Livermore, CA 8/16/11

I started Crossfit 580 in March 2011 because I was missing my “glory days” figure but I absolutely did not want to go back to “the gym”. During On Ramp, I was intimidated by the workouts but Joy helped me to scale them to my abilities while still allowing me to get a quality workout that was challenging.

As with much in life, you get from Crossfit what you put into it. Crossfit is not easy. Don’t think that you will come in, as you do in the gym, bust out some reps with dumbbells, and call it a day. An hour at Crossfit 580 consists of a complete and well rounded workout. If you give your best effort, you will leave feeling a sense of accomplishment, you will see results, and just maybe, you will get addicted (like me)!

This morning, I put on a pair of slacks that I couldn’t even get over my hips in February. I had to tear apart my closet for a belt to keep them on my waist! I owe this to myself for sticking with it but also to Mark, Joy, Tyler, Marcus, Vince, and Amy as well as my fellow compadres at the Box who motivate and push me to excel every day.


Alicia F. Livermore, CA 8/12/11

Hi Mark and Joy! I just wanted to let you know how much I am enjoying CrossFit at CrossFit 580 and more importantly, the benefits I am getting. I am once again enthused about fitness - Yaay! Therefore, please change my membership to Gold effective immediately, if possible. I have settled on a schedule of S-M-T, Th-F which seems to work for me. Thank you for putting together a terrific facility. I will do what I can to maintain the quality and help improve, if that's even possible. Enjoy your weekend and see you Sunday.


Daniel W. Livermore, CA 7/6/11

I have been going to CrossFit580 for about 8 months now and really enjoy the workouts. Each day is something new and exciting. All the trainers are very knowledgeable and supportive. They are also very mindful of any injuries that you might have had and will work with you to make sure you are not doing the workouts in a way that could hurt you. Classes range from 2-8 people which is perfect. The workouts are hard but with the help of the trainers and all the people in the class, they are really fun. I would highly recommend Crossfit580 to anybody looking for a fun,exciting, challenging workout.


Greg J. Livermore, CA 6/9/2011

Alright, this is my first ever Yelp review. To this point I've never experienced a local business that's either impressed or frustrated me enough to actually spend the half hour it takes to tell everyone in cyberspace how i really feel about my experience. Well Mark, Joy, Tyler, Vince, Marcus and Amy @ CF580 have impressed me to the point that i decided to get on the Yelp bandwagon; so here goes.

I joined CrossFit 580 about 8 weeks ago for the same reason most out of shape 20-30 somethings join a gym; to get healthy, relieve workplace stress, and of course to look better naked. Ok, 2 out of 3 are true but only 1 of those reasons is really funny. To put this in perspective, prior to joining CF580 the only workout i had done in the previous 8 months was playing Adult Softball one night a week. Needless to say, my first few weeks of CF were wildly painful and challenging, but I loved it and the progress i made was unbelievable.

I started the On Ramp program with Joy and really enjoyed the attention to detail and the small group atmosphere. The On-Ramp program was a six day training session or "Beginners Guide to CrossFit" that gently prepares you for the rigorous workouts that you will eventually look forward to. I came home from my first On-Ramp and was completely hooked, even though it was by far the hardest workout of my life. Joy pushed us when we needed pushing, encouraged us when we needed encouragement and most of all focused us on the fact that CrossFit is all about doing what you can do while maintaining the best form possible, and not caring what anyone else in the class was doing (especially awesome considering i was by far the weakest and most out of shape Crosfitter in the bunch). Most people like myself hate going to the regular gym because you get stuck wandering around the weight room aimlessly surrounded by muscle heads that you can rarely compete with. CrossFit showed me that it didn't matter how much i could lift compared to everyone else or what sort of shape i was in. What mattered was that i showed up, tried my best and scaled the workouts down wherever necessary.

Well, i am 8 weeks in now, 16 pounds lighter, immensely stronger and literally can't wait to get off work and get to CF almost every day. I have enjoyed myself so much so that i actually convinced my fiance to join CF580 and she is loving it just as much as I am. Together we are healthier, happier and actually really enjoy competing on each WOD. CF580 makes it easy to enjoy working out because class sizes are small (range from 2-8 people), the schedule's accommodating, and the group of students/trainers they have assembled is flat out awesome. Every trainer has their personal strengths, but the general message from everyone is "glad you're here, now let's get to work".

I don't think i ever planned on enjoying working out regularly, but Mark and his team have done an awesome job building CF580's reputation as one of the premier CF gym's in the Bay Area. I am so glad i stumbled upon them, and can't wait for tomorrow's WOD. If you've never challenged yourself with a tough workout, this is definitely the place to throw caution to the wind and jump in with both feet. You will not be disappointed.


Mark L. Walnut Creek, CA 12/29/2010

If you already know about CrossFit, you should know that this particular gym stands above the usual that you might find. What sets this gym apart is the personal attention and guided training. You will not be left to "figure it out on your own".
CrossFit 580 has a very structured on-ramp program for getting you started, and on-ramp is even helpful to people who have been training in the CrossFit movements on their own for a year or more to help them fine tune things or to "fill in the gaps".
The facility is very clean and organized, and the equipment is in good working order (much of it is new). Great location just a minute from Hwy 580, and you will not have to compete with foot or vehicle traffic hardly at all.
Best of all, the members are great people to be around and train with.
If you've never tried CrossFit, I can tell you from personal experience and from witnessing what it can do for people that CrossFit training can and will change your life. It will change you not only physically, but mentally and emotionally. That testimony might sound too good to be true for a general physical fitness program, but I am not exaggerating!
CrossFit 580 is a great place to get involved!


Forrest H. Livermore, CA 11/13/2010

Crossfit is a great way for my wife and I to exercise together. After one class I was hooked. I kept encouraging my wife to try it and now she is just as excited as I am. The trainers are really friendly and we spend a LOT of extra time hanging out at the gym.
The daily workouts are always pushing the limits and allow each person to do their best, but also create friendly competition and inspiration.
The "on ramp" orientation was a great way to start learning crossfit and the trainers always make sure that every work out starts with an appropriate warm up and that safety is a priority while performing the exercises.
My wife and I enjoy crossfit so much, that it is an exciting priority in our day, not a chore. Also, we have both noticed a great change in our physical fitness and capabilities.


Vince L. Livermore, CA 11/24/2010

I started my Crossfit journey a couple of years ago in my backyard. Unable to improve my performance, I searched for a box (Crossfit gym) I could train and gather the necessary guidance to excel. I Found it at Crossfit 580. The trainers have great knowledge of Crossfit methodology and their box is well equipped. I recommend Crossfit 580 to anyone who is ready to make a positive change in their lives.


Sylvain G. Livermore, CA 11/12/2010

A friend of mine had been trying to get me to start doing CrossFit for over a year now. I finally gave in and tried out CrossFit 580.
Not knowing anything about CrossFit, the "on ramp" program they start you out on was a fantastic introduction! Everyone is super friendly and welcoming it made learning a new program a lot of fun.
The trainers are extremely knowledgeable, and dedicate their attention and patience to you to ensure that you are performing the workouts properly.
No joke, joining CrossFit 580 has changed my life. The changes in my diet and exercise have given me so much more energy. I used to dread going to the gym, but with CrossFit every day is a new challenge and I love it!

If you want to get in shape and feel great, I highly recommend stopping by and checking out CrossFit 580!


Robert T. Manorville, NY 1/7/2011

I have been crossfitting for 1.5 years in Rockville Centre, NY and I go 4 times per week. So, I was traveling on business from NY to Livermore, CA and asked if I may join one of the Crossfit classes during my visit; I didn't want to miss one day of Crossfit. Markian welcomed me to his Crossfit for the two days that I was in the area. He is extremely knowledgeble, supportive and is an excellent coach. I would strongly recommend this crossfit to anyone!